SGT Wayne C Collins Name : Wayne C Collins
Rank : Sergeant
Regiment : 24th Reconnaissance Troop
Division : 24th Infantry Division
Entered Service from : South Dakota
Date of Birth : 30 June 1918
Place of Birth : Charter Oak, Iowa
Date of Death : 27 February 1945
Place of Death : vicinity of Düren (G)
In Henri-Chapelle : Plot D, Row 16, Grave 51
Awards : Purple Heart

Wayne Collins' Story ...

Wayne C. Collins was born on June 30, 1918, in Charter Oak, Iowa. His mother was Mrs. Sena Collins, and his sisters were Viola, Verna and Rosella. Wayne's hometown was Elk Point, South Dakota. Wayne attended the Elk Point School where he graduated in 1936; Wayne was a single man with no wife or children.

Washington Street in Elk Point, South Dakota

Wayne volunteered for the service and left Elk Point March 20, 1941. He was sent to Ft. Meade, South Dakota, where he trained for two years and was assigned to the Fourth Calvary. He then was sent to camps in California and Texas. In December 1943, he was sent overseas and was assigned to the Twenty-fourth Calvary. He went through France, Belgium, and into Germany. He was in France on D-Day and also served in Belgium and Germany. He was killed in the vicinity of Düren, Germany.

Machine Gun drill in Ft Meade ...

The survivors at the time of his death were his mother and three sisters, Mrs.Verna Rosenbaum, of Elk Point and Mrs.Viola Lacy and Mrs. Rosella Tindeland of Sioux Falls.

The people who found the information on Wayne stated ... "We liked this project because we found some information on our soldier and WWII. We learned about where Wayne Collins was born and died. We learned about his military career and where he died. We had fun learning about our soldier and how he fought for our freedom."

the South Dakota WWII Memorial

These days Wayne Collins rests in the beautiful American Military Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle ... He is remembered and honored by his family, by the people of the State of South Dakota, by every visitor of the Henri-Chapelle cemetery and by everyone who visits the In-Honored-Glory website.

a picture of Wayne final resting place will appear here shortly !
Special thanks to Wayne's niece Beverly Terrill, Sheila Hansen of the WWII Memorial project of the Fallen Sons and Daughters of South Dakota ... A link to the South Dakota WWII Memorial can be found under the links-section
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published March 19, 2007