S/Sgt John H Doxey Name : John H. Doxey
Rank : Staff Sergeant
Regiment : 345th Infantry Regiment
Division : 87th Infantry Division
Entered Service from : New York
Date of Birth : 2 April 1924
Date of Death : 28 February 1945
Place of Death : Neuenstein (Germany)
In Henri-Chapelle : Plot F, Row 16, Grave 54
Awards : Silver Star (Posthum.)
Bronze Star
Purple Heart

John Doxey's Story ...

John Doxey was born and raised in Glen Cove New York, together with his brother Raymond Jr. and sisters Florence, Catherine, Margaret (John's twin), Rose Ann and Bernadette.

the Clay Banks, Glen Cove 1933

John Doxey was a graduate of St. Patrick's School and Chaminade High School. Only two days after his graduation on January 26. 1943, he entered the Army and was eventually assigned to an Anti-Tank Company in the 345th Infantry Regiment of the 87th Infantry Division.

At Fort Jackson (John in the middle)

After training in Camp McCain, Mississippi and Fort Jackson, Tennessee, John was sent overseas in October 1944. Together with the 87th Infantry Division he fought in the Saarvalley, in the Battle of the Bulge and charged the Siegfriedline.

John with a 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

On 28 February 1945, only one day after one of his closest buddies, Maury Johnson was wounded in Neuendorf, John was killed by a sniper in the little German village Neuenstein (Rheinland-Pfalz). One of his army-buddies Raymond LaPlante recalls in a letter to John's brother Ray ... "He was one of the bravest men I've seen in battle. He charged the machine gun single handed, threw a grenade, but a rifle shot got him in the head and he died instantly. Needless to say that the enemy was killed in the position, and the company saved from certain disaster. He was a very dear friend and even writing about the incident brings a lump to my throat. I sincerely miss him as do the rest of his buddies. You had a fine brother, and they just don't come like him."

Neuenstein (G) where John was killed by a sniper

During his period in combat, John Doxey was awarded with the Silver Star (posthumously), the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

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S/Sgt. John H. Doxey (KIA)


"For gallantry in action against an armed enemy of the United States near **** on 28 February 1945. When the advance of his company was halted by fire from an enemy machine gun, Staff Sergeant Doxey led his squad in a succesfull assault upon it. Staff Sergeant Doxey was fatally wounded in the assault, but his heroïc example lives on as an inspiration to the men of his company."

To: Mr. Raymond Doxey (father)

From Headquarters Fort Jay, New York

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After that fateful day John was taken to the temporary cemetery at Foy in Belgium. After the war his parents were offered the opportunity to bring John back home, but they decided John should stay with his comrades.

the Temporary US Cemetery at Foy (Belgium)

These days John Doxey rests in the beautiful American Military Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle ... He's still visited regularly by members of his family who visit Europe once in a while and by the webmaster of this site. In 2005 his sister Bernadette together with her husband Jack Vogt, their daughter Bernadette and her husband Ed attended Memorial Day at John's final resting place. Jack & Bernadette visited John again on Memorial Day, May 27, 2006 ...

S/Sgt John H Doxey's final resting place

Special thanks to John Doxey's family, to Maury Johnson and to Dorothy Colwell.

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Published, September 20, 2005
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