Ensign Joseph Reichert Name : Joseph Reichert Jr.
Rate : Ensign
Regiment : -
Division : U.S. Naval Reserve
Entered Service from : Indiana
Date of Birth : 21 January 1921
Date of Death : 29 October 1944
Place of Death : Vicinity Truk Island
In Manila (Philippines) : Walls of the missing
Awards : -

Joseph Reichert's Story ...

Several thousand men and women from the tri-state area have given their lives over the years for the cause of freedom that is ours to enjoy.

The young man pictured is Ensign Joseph Reichert, Jr., son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reichert, Sr., of Fort Wayne.

Joseph Reichert in his Grumman F-4F Wildcat

Ensign Reichert was born on January 21, 1921, and lost his life on board a U.S. aircraft carrier, when an aircraft landing after him failed to be stopped by the arresting gear. The second aircraft crashed into Reichert's plane and pushed it over the side. A search of the area was in vain, and his loss was recorded on October 29, 1944.

An American WWII Carrier

Together with 36.281 others, Joseph Reichert is memorialized in Manila (Philippines) at the Walls of the missing.

The Walls of the missing at Manila

According to the picture, Ensign Joseph Reichert flew in a Gruimman F-4F Wildcat. The F-4F Wildcat that was among the highest performance type of aircrafts used on carriers in those years. Joseph Reichert was reported Missing in Action on 29 October 1944 in the vicinity of Truk Island.

The vicinity of Truk Island
Special thanks to Joseph Reichert's brother and to his cousin Dorothy Colwell.