Welcome to the panorama photo section

This section of the website has been created to enable people who's loved one(s), friends or comrades in arms are buried in Henri-Chapelle cemetery, to "visit the cemetery" while they are not there at all ... I realise that there are many people who are able to visit the cemetery, but there are a lot of people who just don't have the money to make the trip, who's health doesn't allow a long journey or people who (understandably) cannot handle the emotional part of visiting his final resting place ... It's my intention to give those people this way of "visiting" ... Of course it enables other people to "go" where they have been before or they can get a glimps of a place they never saw before.

Important : To view a panorama photo, please click one of the six buttons above, then wait a few seconds because the photo has to load into the frame. I can promise you all that the result will be worth waiting !
When the photo appears on your screen, click the photo with your left mousebutton and keep the button down ... you can move to the left and to the right to rotate the photo 360 degrees ! You can also use the buttons on the rightside of the viewer.