In this section of the website, you will find the stories of the men who fought in WWII, for the freedom we still enjoy today. The Stories-section is divided into 6 seperate sections. Each section will contain stories about the men who acted during World War II.

Section   I

The stories of the men buried at Henri-Chapelle;

Section  II

The stories of (wo)men buried at other cemeteries;

Section III

The stories of (wo)men whose remains have been returned to their country;

Section  IV

The stories of the (wo)men who are Missing in Action or Buried at Sea;

Section   V

The stories of crews/units/platoon, etc;

Section  VI

The stories of the (wo)men who made it back home ... the veterans.

WWII Veterans, relatives and friends of WWII soldiers are encouraged to contact us with any new stories, we would be honored to publish your story In-Honored-Glory !