S/SGT Resol B Puckett Name : Resol B Puckett
Rank : Staff Sergeant
Regiment : 290th Infantry Regiment
Division : 75th Infantry Division
Entered Service from : Mississippi
Date of Birth : 20 May 1922
Awards : Unknown

Resol B Puckett's Story ...

Resol B Puckett was born and raised in Tishomingo, Mississippi. He grew up in a family with two brothers and three sisters. Before going to the Army, Resol was a farmer ...

an old house in Tishomingo, Mississippi

Inducted on the 3rd of March, 1943, Dad was a member of the 75th Infantry Division's 290th Infantry Regiment. He was a S/SGT - Squad Leader assigned to 2nd Battalion, Company F, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad (according the recollections of McConley Byrd). On April 18, 1945, he was transferred to the 290th's 3rd Battalion, Company L.

Resol Puckett in uniform

Dad attended basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, maneuvers in Louisiana and combat training at Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky. The regiment was then shipped out to Camp Shanks, New York, where they debarked aboard a converted cruise ship, the United States Army Transport Brazil, bound for Swansea, Wales.

three ocean liners waiting to take on troops headed for Europe

Combat preparations continued in Wales until the regiment crossed the English Channel and debarked onto the beaches of Le Havre, France on the 13th and 14th of December, 1944. They left the assembly area near the town of Yvetot, France on the 19th of December, traveling for two days in bitter cold across northern France and a part of Belgium by convoy and boxcar, utilizing the same "40 and 8" boxcars used by the doughboys of WWI. They arrived in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 20th of December.

40 and 8 train wagon ...

The German counter- offensive in Belgium (The Battle of the Bulge) brought on an abrupt change of mission and sector in which the 290th Infantry was to enter the fray. With Von Rundstedt threatening a full-scale breakthrough and the entire strategy of the western front endangered, the 290th streamed out of Hasselt by motor convoy shortly after midnight of the 22nd and raced for the ruptured lines of the First United States Army.

the Bulge ... horror for man and machine ...

Around the 24th, December, 1944, the untried 75th's 290th Infantry Regiment entered into combat. The "Diaper Division," as it was called, had some hard and costly lessons during its initial involvement in the war but would eventually earn the reputation and respect as one of the best fighting units activated during WWII. Dad's unit fought through "The Bulge", the Colmar Pocket, Holland and Germany. By wars end, his unit was located in Iserlohn, Germany ~ other units of the 75th were situated in Plettenberg, Germany.

Resol Puckett's outfit ... Resol on the right - back row

After the war Resol Puckett worked as a welder and as a salesperson. Resol passed away in 1980, his son Jay Puckett honors and remembers him ... He pays tribute to his dad's memory with a website. The website is dedicated to Resol B Puckett and that of his outfit during World War II, "the Bulgebusters" (75th Infantry Division) ...

Resol Puckett 1949 ... fishing at "Lake of the Ozarks"
Special thanks to Resol's son Jay Puckett

Jay's website: 75th - The Bulgebusters
published May 20, 2006